Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Scandalous Spirits:: by CB Scott (FREE download)

Scandalous Spirits is a Beth Ciotta novel, written in her earlier days with Cynthia Valero, under the pen name CB Scott. This book will be on next weeks book list. You can download this book for Kindle FREE right now at  Amazon, until the 31st. This is a full length novel. Go get it and we can read it next week.... Here's the link Amazon Kindle Store, Scandalous Spirits  ....   Happy Reading!!          

Here's the synopsis provided by Amazon.
Marcus Van Buren's ghostly family has been a thorn in his backside since the day he was born. Now he's paying someone to get rid of them.

Inexperienced ghostbuster Daisy Malone should be ecstatic the ultra-wealthy tabloid darling, Marcus Van Buren, is paying her big bucks to conduct a sham of an investigation. The windfall will bail her family out of financial ruin. According to Marcus, all she has to do is tell the truth and sign a document swearing the old family home, Laguna Vista, is 100% ghost-free.

Unfortunately, Daisy knows otherwise.

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