Saturday, May 19, 2012

Secrets of the Lost Summer: By Carla Neggers

     Well, classes are officially over for summer and I've read my first book. I had been waiting to read this one for a while and was pretty excited.
     I have been a Carla Neggers fan from the first book of hers I picked up. I own at least four, but they are all in the horror and suspense genres. This is the first "romance" of hers, and I loved it. It's not all sappy romance. There's a little suspense, family dynamics, betrayal and an odd treasure hunt. I really love the plot line, and setting. I don't want to give it away so I'll leave it at that.
     Neggers always does a good job with her characters. They have habits, flaws and fears you can pick-up on and relate to. I didn't notice any spatial or grammatical errors, but truthfully I was to pulled into the story to pay much attention to spelling. Also, no graphic sex, it's implied, just some steamy make-outs. ;)

AGES: 17+
GENRES: romance
SERIES: nope

Thanks & Happy Reading!