Saturday, August 25, 2012

The McKettrick's: by Linda Lael Miller

   Linda Lael Miller is a talented writer. She brings us an entire family, from the frontier days to today. And not once does she skimp us on personality and flaws in her characters. Every person and animal in her books is completely unique and memorable. From Angus McKettrick, a rough and tough cowboy from the frontier days, to Bamboozal, the pony Austin got for his tenth birthday. I love this family. I can probably trace their family tree easier than my own, and they are fictional.
   Aside from the awesome characters, Miller also gives us unique plot twist in each book. Of course they’re all ranchers, so the cowboy theme stays the same. Each book gives you new laughs, sorrows, and crazy events to keep you guessing. However, they all keep the family legacy in tact. While reading the books look for these things, McKettrick blue eyes, McKettrick pride, and the hand carved bed given to Lizze M. as a wedding gift from her father Holt.
   Here’s a rundown of the McKettrick’s according to the books I HAVE read. There are still a few I haven’t got to yet. Maybe this will help you keep them straight. (name of book)
Angus McKettrick had 5 children
Rafe (High Country Bride)
Kade (Shotgun Bride)
Katie, born in 1885
Holt had a daughter named Elizabeth (Lizzie) McKettrick (Christmas Brides bk1)
Jeb’s youngest son was Clay McKettrick
Clay had a son Clay Jr, (JR)
JR had a son named Jim, and Jim had three sons , great, great-great grandsons of Angus
Tate (The McKettrick’s of Texas: Tate)
Garret (The McKettrick’s of Texas: Garrett)
Austin (The McKettrick’s of Texas: Austin)

The inside cover has them listed like this,
McKettrick’s Choice
McKettrick’s Luck
McKettrick’s Pride
McKettrick’s Heart
A McKettrick Christmas
The McKettrick’s Of Texas
            Happy Reading y’all!! I hope you enjoy this family as much as I did. And If you do, the McKettrick’s have a strand of cousins named Creed. And the Creed’s are a whole new blog post.

Warnings: Adult Content : Steamy!!
Genres: some historical, some contemporary, all western romance
Ages: 18+
Series: YES!!!