Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Breathless Trilogy: By Maya Banks

  Well folks,  I'm back and I absolutely love The Breathless Trilogy by Maya Banks. (I have read them all twice.)  They all have the great unique characters that I praise so often, but they are also, well, spicy. Very spicy.
   The first book in the trilogy is Burn, and it tells Gabe's story. Fever, the second novel, is about Jace. Third in the trilogy is Rush, which is Ash's story. Gabe, Jace and Ash are best friends and very successful business partners. But don't let me leave out that they are all extremely sexy, dominant billionaires.  When I said spicy, like whew, people you might need to keep a fire extinguisher handy.
  Each book has it owns unique story and plot line. New drama, laughs, and even some action. But they all revolve around Gabe, Jace, Ash and the family they make themselves. The characters carry throughout the series and you're introduced to new ones along the way. And Maya Banks rocks on characters. You will love them.
   The books are great and could be read "stand-alone," though I think they are best when read in order. Plus, I really don't think you can just read one without wanting to read the whole series. Be advised, there is graphic language, some violence and drinking, and lots of graphic sex. Not just plain ole' sex. Naughty stuff, like "tie-me up and spank me" stuff that will have you hiding you're Kindle when someone passes by. Shades of 50 Shades, but not really... Not for everyone I know, but you can skim over those parts, right? ;)
   I will shut-up now and just say, I loooove anything by Maya Banks. Also, I now have a whole new perspective of "Girls Night Out."

Reading Order:
Burn (Gabe)
Fever (Jace)
Rush  (Ash)

GENRES: romance, contemporary romance
WARNING: some violence, drinking, and kinky sex.

 Thanks & Happy Reading!

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  1. I don't read them, but I love ur blog :)