Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Love in Bloom Series, The Bradens & The Snow Sisters: By Melissa Foster

       The Love in Bloom Series by Melissa Foster is actually several connected series that tie together."The Snow Sisters" series are the first books in the collection, and "The Bradens" are the second set in the series. Then "The Remingtons," "Seaside" and "The Ryders." All together there a ton of books in the collection, that all correlate with each other. I have only read books from the Snow Sisters and The Bradens so far to give you info on, this series is way larger than I originally thought.
        The entire Love in Bloom series is romance quite obviously, but there are also a lot of deep emotions and issues each character has to face in their book. They were not quite the light "feel good" read I was hoping for, but now I am roped in.  I have read the fist book of each set (free downloads) and really want to read the rest. The Snow Sisters set, is obviously about the Snow sisters, three sisters Danica, Kaylie, and Lacy, three books. The Bradens set, as before, is about the Braden family. There are 5 brothers Treat, Rex, Josh, Dane, Hugh and sister Savannah and they each get their own books. After, Hearts at Play, which is Huge's books, the series keeps going on with more Bradens that I have yet to meet in the two I have read.
       My warnings for the series seem pretty basic. Lots of graphic sex, some language, there is not really any action or adventure, mostly it is the "emotional conflict" that keeps the plot moving and the pages turning. I am not a huge fan of the characters physical descriptions, I can't really picture them. However, their personalities are great. They are well developed and distinguishing. Also, overall there were no huge typos or grammatical errors that stood out to me in the two books that I read.

Here is what I have on the Series:

Love in Bloom::
The Snow Sisters:
Sisters in Love (Danica)
Sisters in Bloom (Kaylie)
Sisters in White (Danica, Kaylie & Lacy)

The Bradens:
Lovers at Heart (Treat)
Destined for Love (Rex)
Friendship on Fire (Josh)
Sea of Love (Dane)
Bursting with Love (Savannah)
Hearts at Play (Hugh)

Taken by Love (Luke)
Fated for Love (Wes)
Romancing my Love (Pierce)
Flirting With Love (Ross)
Dreaming of Love
Crashing into Love

As I mentioned before, both "Sisters in Love" and "Lovers at Heart" are currently free downloads for Kindle on Amazon. Lovers at Heart ,
For a complete list of The Love in Bloom series, synopses and more on everything Melissa visit her website at  http://www.melissafoster.com/ .

GENRES: romance, contemporary romance
AGES: 18+
WARNINGS: graphic sex, deep emotions
SERIES: yes!

Thanks & Happy Reading!