Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Deathwatch, A Broslin Creek Novel: by Dana Marton

   I know I have been on a thriller/ suspense kick lately and Deathwatch by Dana Marton is the latest one I've read. This was a great book. It is like ice cream with all my favorite sprinkles on top such as, explosions, killers, car chases, fight scenes, and of course romance.  And the cherry on top of that, it was a free download for Kindle when it snagged it.
   Marton has you hooked from the first line, literally. The first line is,  "Kate Bridges thought attending her own funeral would be the hardest part." I mean, how can you stop after that. I couldn't. I had to know what the hardest part would be. The book keeps you guessing, and turning pages through all the tension, danger and action. 
   Deathwatch is the first installment in the Broslin Creek series. The Broslin Creek series is a collection of books revolving around the small town of Broslin Creek, of course. Deathwatch read very well stand alone, and I'm sure the rest are just as good.  My warnings for this stay in line with the genre. Graphic violence, language and some sex. 

The Broslin Creek Series
Broslin Bride

 To pick this up for free on you Kindle click here. 
For more on Dana, and links to other retailers visit her website

GENRES: romantic suspense.
AGES: 18+
WARNINGS: graphic violence, language, some sex (not extremely graphic) . 

Thanks & Happy Reading.


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