Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Black Dawn; By Cristin Harber COVER REVEAL PART 1

Here's an excerpt from the upcoming novel by Cristin Harber and a piece of the cover. I will be revealing new pieces the rest of the week. Keep an eye out....
Black Dawn Excerpt
She moaned into the kiss and bit his bottom lip. “God…”Apparently, that was the wrong thing to say because he stopped and left her cold and wanting. She wouldn’t beg, wasn’t that type of girl. But, inside, she could cringe and cry for something she hadn’t had in forever, a surge of passion
.“What’s wrong, Parker?”Dark, hungry eyes studied her. “I know everything about you, except who you are.”“I’m me.”“Exactly.”She wanted to forget about everything on the outside world. “What does that mean?”“I’ve worked with you for years, didn’t know it. I protected you from your ex-fiancé’s crap, didn’t know that either. You’re vulnerable and offering me exactly what I want.”
“What’s that?”He squeezed her body. “You.”
“You’re saying no?” she whispered.
“I’m not going to take you on a couch in a safe house.” His blue eyes neared black. She’d never seen a look more intense, more at war.He strengthened his hold on her. “You want this?”She nodded, knowing that this kiss was all she’d ever have of him.“You’ve wanted this?”Her eyes sank shut. Parker was calling her on it, and she couldn’t lie. “Yes.”Long seconds ticked by. Their cheeks touched then he pushed off the couch. “Then that’s why.”

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