Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Titan Series: By Cristin Harber

   OMG I am in absolute love with this entire series. The Titan Group is a private security entity full of badass men and woman who handle things the US government can't.  Each Titan novel is packed with tons of high octane action and whirlwind romances. You can find all of my favorite book flavors mixed into the Titan cocktail. We have gun fights, car chases, explosives, kidnappings, the whole nine yards topped with enough spicy naughtiness to keep the heat up. The action doesn't stop.
   Harber creates a whole world, with very in depth characters and locations. Cristin does so well with the characters that you know their personalities, likes, dislikes and how they are going to react to any given situation in the novels. And the locations are so descriptive that you can almost believe you just helped rescue a hostage from an Afghani mountain and then spent time in the poshest hotel in Abu Dhabi. Each book has a unique story line and can be read stand alone however, they are best when read in order as a collection to get the full Titan Group experience because most characters carry over into the other books.
  The Titan series as whole is considered military romance or romantic suspense and my warnings fall in line with the genre. As mentioned above, there is tons of action and tension. There is also graphic violence, language and sex. Be advised content is for mature adults 18+ and for-warned one of the books (Savage Secrets) does contain a non-consensual sex scene. It is only one scene, in one book. So, it can be skipped if you don't have the stomach for that.  Overall, I really love all the books and cannot wait for the next in the series to be released.
  On another note, Cristin has started releasing a new series, Delta, which is related to the Titan series and does contain some of the same characters. I've read Delta Retribution, and it is awesome.

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The Titan Series:
Book 1: Winters Heat  (Colby Winters)
Book 1.5: Sweet Girl (Prequel to Garrison's Creed)
Book 2: Garrison's Creed (Cash Garrison)
Book 3: Westin's Chase (Jared Westin)
Book 4: Gambled (Brock Gamble)
Book 5: Chased (Asher McIntyre)
Book 6: Savage Secrets (Rocco Savage)
Book 7: Hart Attack (Roman Hart)
Book 7.5: Sweet One (Cash)
Book 8: Black Dawn (Parker Black)
Book 8.5: Live Wire. IBooks now, everywhere 10/5
Book 9: Bishops Queen (TBR 10/25)

The Only Series:

Vol 1. Only For Him (Grayson Ford)
Vol 2. Only For Her
Vol 3. Only For Us
Vol 4. Only Forever

The Delta Series:

Book 1: Delta: Retribution (Trace Reeves)
Book 2: Delta: Revenge- (Javier) 

The Delta Novella:
Delta: Rescue (Luke)

GENRES: romantic suspense, military romance
AGES: 18+
WARNINGS: graphic sex and violence. Explicit language
SERIES: yes!

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