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A Witch’s Dream World By: Cheryllynn Dyess **Review By Amy

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I received this book from Hot Tree Promotions in return for a fair and honest review.

Elizabeth was dealt one of the worst blows one can be dealt: her mom died. Upon her mom dying, she started having bizarre dreams that seemed almost lifelike. Once she started living with her aunts, life as she knew it, ceased to exist. She learned she possessed some incredibly strong powers and had very large shoes to fill. Could she do it?  Would she have to do it all alone or would she have help from others? Who would all come together to fight the council and what side should she chose?
Sire Wesley is a “prince” of the elves. Wesley is immediately attracted to Elizabeth. Wesley has the ability to transform into a Panther and further learns that his race is able to use telepathy. He teaches Elizabeth about his family’s history and knowledge that will aid Elizabeth in learning new abilities. Wesley’s mom does not agree with his relationship to Elizabeth. Is it possible that Elizabeth’s powers could be used in the future that would end up hurting Wesley?

I enjoyed this story very much; in fact, I read it in one day no problem. However, I found it lacking in a few areas. The story line was fun to read and kept me intrigued. In some spots, however, the story line seemed to be slightly slow or hard to understand. I enjoyed reading about the relationship with Elizabeth and Wesley, and even Elizabeth and Devlon. I think there was a rush to both stories and then kind of hit a plateau.  I did expect to have a little more action in the story line then there really was but it could be building up for the next book! I definitely think the author is on the right track for the possibility of creating a great next book depending upon how she chooses to spin the story, which I am interested to read.

Chronicles of Elizabeth Fairbairn
Book One: A Witch's Dream World

Genres: Young Adult, Paranormal
Warnings: None
Ages: Young Adult
Series: Chronicles of Elizabeth Fairbairn
Rating: 3/5

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