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Hush Hush (Book #1) By Anneliese Vandell **Review By Amy

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Anna, also known as Sophia, has lived a life of secrets, lies, deception, and confusion. Her parents were sent to jail for life for being con men, in which they pled guilty to their charges. Anna is hell bent on revenge against the people who “conspired” against her parents and treated them so poorly once their crimes came to light. Does Anna fully understand just how many people that might include? There are details to her parent’s case that aren’t clear to Anna, which could either open up her revenge pool or shut it down. Did her parents really deserve what they received as punishment or did others have a hand in the sentence?
Liam Hawthorne is a bright young man who could have anything he wanted in life. He is from a very well to do family, has incredible looks, and a line of women that is never ending.  The only problem is that every single woman only wants to be with him because they want something from him; to use his name to get themself places, for money, or anything for their benefit. Once he meets Sophia, he thinks she might be different and be exactly what he is looking for, but is there more to her than meets the eye?  Liam has a dark side to him that no one knows about and he has done bad things in his life. What are those things he has done and will he let Sophia in?

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. Anna is set on revenging her parents for the sentence they received, but she doesn’t know exactly why they received such a harsh sentence or the details of the crime and the circle of people it encompasses. I enjoyed the suspense of the story trying to figure out what Anna has in store next to make her plan successful. The flirtatious relationship between Sophia and Liam was fun and exciting. I am intrigued to find out more information about Anna’s parents’ case and the parties that were involved in it and how they had a part to play in it.
I have one complaint about this book. I understand the blurb about this book references Fifty Shades of Grey meeting revenge but I do feel the sexual feel of the story follows too close to Fifty Shades of Grey story. The last chapter really has my mind doing flip flops regarding this story as to whether I will enjoy the rest of the series. This book seemed incredibly unique in its own way until the end.
To be fair to the story and the author I will recommend this book to you. It's a fun, intriguing read. Will this story keep its unique identity throughout the series? We will just have to wait and see

Hush Hush Series:
Book #1
Book #2
Book #3

Genres: Erotic Romance , Suspense
Warnings: For Mature Audiences, 18+
Ages: 18+
Series: Hush Hush Series
Rating: 4/5

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