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Drawn Together By: Amelia Swan **Review By Amy!

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Hailey and Cody had four years of flirting and one final night of fun, pleasure, and romance before Hailey went to New York. She has graduated and returned home to finish her first book. She never thought she would run into Cody.  Cody and Hailey have feelings for one another that neither have expressed towards each other and have spent the last four years kicking their selves for doing so! Will this surprise reunion bring the happily ever after?  New York is waiting for Hailey, but is there really a need to return? Is Medford able to provide her what she needs to write?
This book was a fun, flirty, sexy read. The love story between Hailey and Cody was sweet and fun.  It showcased what so many people experience, the attraction of another without expressing it and possibly losing out on a great relationship for not speaking up.  I definitely loved how Hailey was incredibly supportive of Cody’s artwork and tried to make him see just what exactly he was capable of. There was some incredible raw emotion between the two of them. They shared passion for each other and for drawing and that was a fun part to read.
This book definitely did not lack the descriptive, hot sex scenes.  They definitely weren’t lacking in their bedroom behavior. They were young and fun and that carried over to the bedroom scenes. You might need to take a few cold showers thanks to the author’s incredible writing. I don’t think I can look at a cupcake the same again. That was such a fun scene to read!
This book did not have a final closure. There are still questions up in the air about Hailey and Cody and I hope that means that the author plans on releasing a continuation of their story. It is not a cliffhanger for those of you out there that hate them! There is some closure just not complete. There are still questions as to what will happen between the two of them and what will happen for each one individually!

Genre: Adult Romance, Contemporary Romance, Semi-Erotica
Warnings: None
Ages: 18+
Series: None
Rating 4/5

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** Review by Amy posted by Dany!

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