Friday, February 26, 2016

Delta: Revenge (The Delta Series Book 2) By Cristin Harber

**ARC Review**

She did it again. Not that I should be surprised but Cristin Harber blew me away, again.  I LOVE THIS BOOK! The entire Delta Team series is shaping up to be as epic and amazing as the Titan series.
Delta: Revenge is Javier and Sophia's story. They both have some dark demons to battle and Cristin writes out their journey beautifully. It's not a smooth road to HEA, though. There are surprises, twist and turns throughout the book, keeping us guessing and the pages flying. Right along side the gunfire and mortar blast.  I finished reading this two days ago, and I am still shell shocked. And only barely able to talk about it now. Serious book hangover.
Delta: Revenge can be read stand alone, but Harber fans will recognize some of their favorite characters in Revenge. Plus, some new amazing people to love. (And if you hadn't already meet these guys, you'll be one-clicking at the speed of light to get more of the awesomness that is Titan and Delta.)
My warnings for Revenge, basically the same as any other Cristin Harber novel. Contains graphic sex with an all-alpha badass, tons of violence, and naughty language.  Also, some of the violence could be a combat related PTSD trigger.  Pretty much all the ingredients for an amazeballs book, if ya ask me.

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GENRES: romantic suspense, military suspense, action suspense
AGES: 18+
WARNINGS: Graphic alpha sex, tons of  violence, naughty langauge, combat related PTSD triggers. 

For more of everything Cristin, visit her website. 

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