Thursday, January 26, 2017

Going Under; A Titan World Novella: By Anna Bishop Barker

   Going Under completely blew me away. You would never guess that this a debut novel for new author Anna Bishop Barker.
   Barker gives us some amazing characters. Real and intelligent characters who face the day-to-day issues of life as well as some major hurdles. The dialogue between the characters is witty and fun, and I really liked Becca and Max. On top of the new characters, some of Cristin Harber's characters from the Titan Series make an appearance. And I always love getting to see my favorites through new eyes. But, if you haven't read any of the Titan Series, no worries, Going Under stands alone just fine.
   Combined with the great characters, there is enough romance and suspense going on to keep the pages turning, and the book in my hand.   I read the whole novella in one sitting, either giggling or tearing up the entire time...
*ARC Review*

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GENRES: romance, suspense, action, military romance
SERIES: eventually, though this is the only released to date. Interconnected to the Titan Series. 
WARNINGS: dirty language, bloody violence, and steamy sexy times.
AGES: 18+

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