Friday, March 16, 2012

44 : By Jools Sinclair

     Wow! Just finished reading 44 by Jools Sinclair and wow sums it up. After being dead for 44 minutes 17 year old Abby wakes up, with hardly any memories and only a shadow of her former self. Sinclair really keeps you guessing when a serial killer invades Abby's dreams, and them slaps you across the face with one GIANT shocker at the end.
     This is a short story that kept the suspense tense and the pages turning. As soon as I finished reading , I went online and purchase the next book "44 book two."  And I'm ready to start it. So, Happy Reading folks.  :)

GENRES: Paranormal fiction. YA fiction
WARNING: you will love it
AGES : 15+

PS: This book was free for kindle when I downloaded it.

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