Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Creed's: By Linda Lael Miller

  As I mentioned in my earlier post, Miller has another epic family named Creed. And just like all of her other books I've read, she is a delight. The family is very intricate, and she gives you different novels about them so you can learn all about them. Every character is so memorable, human or otherwise.
  I won't go into as much detail on the Creed family. I'll just give you list the one's I've read in "fictional" chronological order.
A Creed County Christmas (The Christmas Brides Book 2) 1910 -Lincoln Creed
A Creed in Stone Creek - Modern Day- Steven Creed
Creed's Honor- Modern Day- Conner Creed
The Creed Legacy- Modern Day- Brody Creed

Genre: western romance
Age:  18+
Warnings:  ummmm steamy sexy cowboys ;)... sex, and some light violence
Series:   YES!

 As an aside, just be prepared for some heartbreak when the books over and the cowboy isn't yours. Miller makes them all so rough and lovable. Happy Reading!!!

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