Thursday, October 9, 2014

Stealing Justice (The Justice Team Series Book One): By Misty Evans and Adrienne Giordano

    Stealing Justice is the first book in The Justice Team Series by Misty Evans and Adrienne Giordano and the only books I have read by these authors and was free on Amazon when I picked it up. To be honest, it's not very often that I am not 100% happy and totally in love with a book, but Stealing Justice let  me down.
    The story has a good plot, good characters and plenty of action, but as the chapters roll on it gets tiresome quickly. The whole thing is so predictable. I knew who the killer was long before the characters ever came to the same conclusion, and were still chasing the "red herring," And the"red herring" was not believable, even for a minute, making me doubt the investigative abilities of the hero, CIA Agent Justice "Grey" Greystone. On top of the predictability was the redundancy.  The scenes and terms where all so repetitive. Fight, angry sex, make up, stake out, cupcakes,  fight, angry sex, make up, stake out, cupcakes, over and over again.
   Stealing Justice and The Justice Team are classified as romantic suspense. My warnings for the book, other than the predictable redundancy,  fall in line with the genre. There is a ton of graphic violence in the book, which make sense, since they are hunting a serial killer rapist.  There is also frequent explicit language. The only thing not graphic in the book, is the sex. It's there, a lot, but it's not paragraphs of extremely descriptive dirty stuff. Truly, even the sex gets repetitive.  Overall, it's not the worst free download you can get, but it's not the best either.

The Justice Team:
Book One: Stealing Justice (Grey)
Book Two: Cheating Justice (Monroe)

This book was available as a free download on Amazon, it is back to $2.99 here. 
For more of everything Adrienne Giordano visit her website.

GENRES: romantic suspense
AGES: 18+
WARNINGS: sex, graphic violence, explicit language

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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Lies That Save Us (The Broken Heart Series): By JL Redington

   The Lies That Save Us is the first JL Redington book that I have read, and now I am a fan. This was a great read. The novel keeps you guessing from beginning to end, Redington gives nothing away and the surprises keep coming. In The Lies That Save Us, Redington brings us a ton of action and conspiracy with a little romance thrown in to keep things spicy and the pages turning.
  The Lies That Save Us is the first book of The Broken Heart Series and was available as a free promotional download for Kindle on Amazon when I caught it. The series revolves around a FBI Agent Max Menetti and his team. The Lies That Save Us stars Max's daughter Alexa and his teammate Cayman in a whirlwind of confusion, chaos and conspiracy.
  The Broken Hearts series is "mystery- suspense romance," and my warnings fall in line with the genre. There is a lot of action and graphic violence in the portrayal of that action. However, there is no graphic sex. There are some steamy make out scenes, but the one and only sex scene in "The Lies" is not graphic.

The Broken Heart Series:
Book One: The Lies That Save Us  (Cayman)
Book Two: Solitary Tears (Patrick)
Book Three: Veiled Secrets  (Sam)
Book Four (Sequel to Book One) : Softly She Leaves (Max)

Check and see if it's still free on Amazon here.
For synopsis, bios and more book visit JL Redington's website.

GENRES: romantic suspense, mystery romance
AGES: 18+
WARNINGS: graphic violence and nail-biting action
SERIES: yes!

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Littlest Cowboy (The Texas Brands Book 1); By Maggie Shayne

I often brag on Maggie Shayne and The Littlest Cowboy just gives me more to talk about. Shayne flawlessly combines all of my favorite attributes in a book. She gives us a lot of amazing characters with great personalities and physical descriptions. Then there is the deep suspense, a ton of action, and a great romance. When Shayne tells you a story, you’re there. You can feel the tension and smell the gunpowder.
The book and the entire series are “romantic suspense” so my warnings for them seem obvious. There is graphic violence, a lot, in many forms. Also, it contains graphic language and some sex. The sex isn't extremely graphic, nor is there a lot of it but it is there. Last, this is not a light fun happy read. It's tense and emotion packed. I know I had a tear or two come to eye. 
The Littlest Cowboy is the first novel in The Texas Brands Series. The Series revolves around the Brand family, brothers Garrett, Wes, Elliot, Adam, and Ben and their sister Jessi and a bunch of cousins. I really loved this book, and want to get the rest of the series! Oh, and this was a FREE download for Kindle on Amazon.

**UPDATE 3/17/15** I have now read this ENTIRE series and I love all of the book as much as I did the first one. Each book brings you a new story with new love, tension, and suspense but still involves the other characters as well. Each book can be read stand alone, but you will want to read them all!

The Texas Brands:
The Littlest Cowboy (Garrett)
The Baddest Virgin in Texas (Jessi)
Badlands Bad Boy (Wes)
The Husband She Couldn't Remember: republished as, Lone Gone Lonesome Blues (Ben)
Texas Guardian (Marcus)
The Baddest Bride in Texas: Republished as, Lone Star Lonely  (Adam)
The Outlaw Bride (Elliot)
Texas Angel (Sarah)
Texas Homecoming (Luke)

The Texas Brands have a strand of cousins who have their own connected series.
The Oklahoma All- Girl Brands:
The Brands Who Came for Christmas
Brand –New Heartache
Secrets and Lies
A Mommy for Christmas
One Magic Summer
Sweet Vidalia Brand

The Littlest Cowboy is available free for Kindle when I caught it, check to see if it’s still free here.
To check for other device/retailers with free downloads and everything else Maggie Shayne, visit her website.

GENRES: romantic suspense,  contemporary western
WARNINGS: graphic violence, and language. Some sex
AGES: 18+

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Deathwatch, A Broslin Creek Novel: by Dana Marton

   I know I have been on a thriller/ suspense kick lately and Deathwatch by Dana Marton is the latest one I've read. This was a great book. It is like ice cream with all my favorite sprinkles on top such as, explosions, killers, car chases, fight scenes, and of course romance.  And the cherry on top of that, it was a free download for Kindle when it snagged it.
   Marton has you hooked from the first line, literally. The first line is,  "Kate Bridges thought attending her own funeral would be the hardest part." I mean, how can you stop after that. I couldn't. I had to know what the hardest part would be. The book keeps you guessing, and turning pages through all the tension, danger and action. 
   Deathwatch is the first installment in the Broslin Creek series. The Broslin Creek series is a collection of books revolving around the small town of Broslin Creek, of course. Deathwatch read very well stand alone, and I'm sure the rest are just as good.  My warnings for this stay in line with the genre. Graphic violence, language and some sex. 

The Broslin Creek Series
Broslin Bride

 To pick this up for free on you Kindle click here. 
For more on Dana, and links to other retailers visit her website

GENRES: romantic suspense.
AGES: 18+
WARNINGS: graphic violence, language, some sex (not extremely graphic) . 

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Friday, September 5, 2014

Dream of Danger: By Maggie Shayne

            Maggie Shayne is another one of my favorite authors. I will read anything with her name on it, as soon as I get one I read it. And it seems I’m not the only one as many times as she is on the big bestsellers lists. Dream of Danger is A Brown and De Luca novel, revolving around Homicide Detective Mason Brown and author Rachel De Luca.
            Dream of Danger is true to Shaynes style. It has great characters, tons of suspense, a dash of romance, and a hint of the paranormal thrown in on top all wrapped up and written fabulously. I loved this book and hope to get my hands on the rest of the Brown and De Luca novels.
            My warnings for this book are graphic violence, action and language. As in the title Danger is everywhere else in the book too. There’s no sex in Dream of Danger, just the implied memories. I can’t say for sure about the others.
The book has them listed like this:

Brown and De Luca
Sleep with the Lights On
Dream of Danger
Wake to Darkness

To download free for Kindle click here.
For more on everything Maggie visit her site at

GENRES:  suspense, romantic suspense
WARNINGS:  graphic violence, and scary stuff J
AGES:  16+

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The Laurel Heights Series by Kate Perry

If you are looking for a light fun read, the books of the Laurel Heights series by Kate Perry will do the trick. I have read book 4, Looking for You and 5, Dream of you. I really liked both of them. Laugh out load funny with romance and great characters.
            Laurel Heights is an upper crust community/ shopping district in San Francisco (fictionally, of course) and the series revolves around the shop owners and their crazy lives. From what I can tell, all the shop owners are bas ass females ruling the world, or well their stores at least. Perry does a great job with these girls and all the rest of the characters. You can picture them in your head and feel their distinct personalities. The books are written from multiple view points, giving you even more insight into what’s going on in the neighborhood.
            My main warning for this series is graphic sex, but not enough to classify this as erotica. Also, this is a rather large series of books. Each book can be read alone, but you may get wrapped up in the world of Laurel Heights.
According to the back pages of Dream of You the Laurel Heights series goes like this:
Perfect for You
Close to You
Return to You
Looking for You
Dream of You
Sweet on You
Tamed by You
Here with You
All for You (novelette)
Mad About You
Loved by You

For more on everything Kate Perry visit her website at

GENRES: romance, romantic comedy
WARNINGS:  some graphic sex.
AGES: 18+
SERIES: YES and it’s big one. ^


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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Grave Danger: By Heather Graham

     Heather Graham is one of my long time favorite authors. I will read anything with her name on it,  without reading the synopsis. And of course, she didn't let me down. Grave Danger is A Love is Murder short story.
   Grave Danger was great. Really short story, but very well written. It has a great plot full of action and suspense, with a little love and a serial killer. Graham wraps up the story well in the end, leaving us with no cliff hangers and a happy ending. The characters aren't as well defined as in a full length novel, but you still get a pretty good sense of Ali and Greg, and Graham fills that space with some nail biting tension to make up for it.
   My warning for Grave Danger is violence. There is no sex or partying. Just a serial killer on the loose with a little bit of the paranormal mixed in for fun. I didn't notice any grammatical issues either.

 From what I can gather on the world wide web, Love is Murder is a suspense collection containing works by thirty New York Times bestselling authors (such as Sandra Brown & Heather Graham) and some new kids on the block.
Some of the titles mentioned are:
Old Moonlight
Spiders Tango
Night Heat
B A D Mission
Deadly Fixation
Hot Note
Last Shot
Grave danger
Without Mercy
Even Steven

Grave Danger was a free promotional download on Amazon for Kindle. Direct Link
For more on Heather Graham check out her site.

GENRES:  suspense, romantic suspense, thriller.
WARNINGS: violence, scary stuff
AGES: 16+
SERIES:  no, a collection.

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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Hot Pursuit: A Hostile Operations Team novel; By Lynn Raye Harris

    Hot Pursuit (A Hostile Operations Team novel) by Lynne Raye Harris was a GREAT free download. I really enjoyed this book. It has great characters, both in their physical attributes and personalities. Plus, it has a great story line with lots of action and romance. And did I mention it was free?
    Hostile Operations Team, or HOT, is a top secret special forces unit of the Army staffed by sexy bad-asses, of course. The guys in the team,  Matt, Sam, Billy, Kevin, Jack, Nick and Garrett each get their own book. Hot Pursuit is Matt's book and the first in the seven book series.
    My warnings for the  HOT novels are graphic sex, language and graphic violence. There is a ton of action, fight scenes, shoot outs, kidnapping and explosions and it all ties together smoothly. The story line was really good as well, and it kind of rang close to home for me. Not only because I have an obsession for men in uniforms or dog tags, but because of the small town and first love.  I won't say anymore and be a spoiler. Overall, I really loved this book. Great characters, great action and no grammatical errors that I noticed. I will be looking into getting the rest of the series.

Hostile Operations Team:
Book 1: Hot Pursuit (Matt)
Book 2: Hot Mess ( Sam)
Book 3: Hot Package ( Billy)
Book 4: Dangerously Hot ( Kevin)
Book 5: Hot Shot (Jack)
Book 6: Hot Rebel ( Nick) [release date 9/29/14]
Book 7: Hot Ice (Garrett) [release date 12/29/14]

As I said above, Hot Pursuit was available as a free promotional download for Kindle on when I picked it up. Direct link 
For more about the HOT books and everything Lynne Raye Harris visit her website at :

GENRES: romance, romantic suspense
WARNINGS:  graphic sex, language and violence
AGES: 18+
SERIES:   yes

Thanks & Happy Reading!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Other Side of Us: by Sarah Mayberry

    I have finished reading The Other Side of Us by Sarah Mayberry, and I loved it. There are a lot of intense emotions but they are covered up with humor. This book was hilarious. It took me a couple chapters to realize that the story is happening in Australia. Once I did, the characters took on an Aussie accent and the story became even funnier. We all say "LOL" so much lately, but Mayberry actually had me Laughing Out Loud numerous times through the book. Consider this fair warning before you start reading this at work, or school or anywhere else reading is probably not appropriate, you'll get caught.
  Also, I loved the characters. They are very well developed. You get a very good sense of their physical attributes as well as their personalities.Which seems to be a hard thing for some writers to accomplish, Mayberry does it fabulously.  The are the two main characters, hero Oliver and heroine Mackenzie, as well as two canoodling canine co-stars who will keep you laughing throughout the novel.
   I only have one warning for this novel other than the "bursting out laughing" and it's sex. There is quite a bit of it and some of it's graphic. However, it's not too bad. Not pages and pages of the same love scene. There's no heavy drinking, drugs, or religion. Just comedic romance.  I'm not sure if I paid for this book or if it was a free download, but if I did pay for it, it was worth it.

To find out more about Sarah Mayberry and her books visit her site at

GENRES: romance, comedic romance
WARNINGS: some graphic sex... oh and laugh out loud moments.
AGES: 18+
SERIES: nope

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Love in Bloom Series, The Bradens & The Snow Sisters: By Melissa Foster

       The Love in Bloom Series by Melissa Foster is actually several connected series that tie together."The Snow Sisters" series are the first books in the collection, and "The Bradens" are the second set in the series. Then "The Remingtons," "Seaside" and "The Ryders." All together there a ton of books in the collection, that all correlate with each other. I have only read books from the Snow Sisters and The Bradens so far to give you info on, this series is way larger than I originally thought.
        The entire Love in Bloom series is romance quite obviously, but there are also a lot of deep emotions and issues each character has to face in their book. They were not quite the light "feel good" read I was hoping for, but now I am roped in.  I have read the fist book of each set (free downloads) and really want to read the rest. The Snow Sisters set, is obviously about the Snow sisters, three sisters Danica, Kaylie, and Lacy, three books. The Bradens set, as before, is about the Braden family. There are 5 brothers Treat, Rex, Josh, Dane, Hugh and sister Savannah and they each get their own books. After, Hearts at Play, which is Huge's books, the series keeps going on with more Bradens that I have yet to meet in the two I have read.
       My warnings for the series seem pretty basic. Lots of graphic sex, some language, there is not really any action or adventure, mostly it is the "emotional conflict" that keeps the plot moving and the pages turning. I am not a huge fan of the characters physical descriptions, I can't really picture them. However, their personalities are great. They are well developed and distinguishing. Also, overall there were no huge typos or grammatical errors that stood out to me in the two books that I read.

Here is what I have on the Series:

Love in Bloom::
The Snow Sisters:
Sisters in Love (Danica)
Sisters in Bloom (Kaylie)
Sisters in White (Danica, Kaylie & Lacy)

The Bradens:
Lovers at Heart (Treat)
Destined for Love (Rex)
Friendship on Fire (Josh)
Sea of Love (Dane)
Bursting with Love (Savannah)
Hearts at Play (Hugh)

Taken by Love (Luke)
Fated for Love (Wes)
Romancing my Love (Pierce)
Flirting With Love (Ross)
Dreaming of Love
Crashing into Love

As I mentioned before, both "Sisters in Love" and "Lovers at Heart" are currently free downloads for Kindle on Amazon. Lovers at Heart ,
For a complete list of The Love in Bloom series, synopses and more on everything Melissa visit her website at .

GENRES: romance, contemporary romance
AGES: 18+
WARNINGS: graphic sex, deep emotions
SERIES: yes!

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Cowboy With A Cause (Cowboy Cafe` Series): By Carla Cassidy

Cowboy With A Cause by Carla Cassidy is just one of the Cowboy Cafe Series by her. The Series is set in a fictional small town called Grady Gulch, Oklahoma. And being born and raised in a small Oklahoma town, I really enjoyed and related to the small town way of life Cassidy writes of. The Series is classified as "Harlequin Romantic Suspense" and this book lives up tp that description. It has the romance, but nothing to graphic. And it has the suspense, as a seriel killer tears through the little town, and a new criminal emerges from an unlikely place. Cowboy With A Cause was very well written. I didn't notice any grammatical or spatial errors. The story flows smoothly. Overall, I truly enjoyed this book and I am looking into getting the rest of the series. The only "problem" some people may have, is that like most Harlequin series, this book doesn't completly tie up at the end. It leaves the backstory going to continue on to the other books.
Harlequin shows them listed like this:

Cowboy Cafe`
- Her Cowboy Distraction
- The Cowboy's Claim
- Cowboy With a Cause
- Confessing to the Cowboy

GENRES: romantic suspense
WARNINGS: Sex and a little violence
AGES: 17+

Thanks and Happy Reading!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Safe by the Marshall's Side (Witness Protection Series): By Shirlee McCoy

      Safe by the Marshal's Side is the first Shirlee McCoy book that I have read.  This book was a free download on Amazon when I picked it up, and for a free read it was a good one.  The book is about Annie, a widowed mom in the witness protection program and Hunter, the U.S. Marshal tasked with keeping her safe until trial. There is a little action, some suspense and a sweet romance with a good story line to keep the pages turning.
      I didn't notice any errors while reading this one. Which is unusual for a free read. I was impressed. Also there is NO sex, or foul language or gritty violence. It is classified as "inspirational romance" which basically means that it involves more God and religion than kisses and naughty pages. The characters and emotions are well developed. This was a great download. The only thing I noticed that I did not like, was the cliffhangers. It seems that the only thing wrapped up in this book is the romance. The plot and back story carry on to the other books. This makes it hard to read stand-alone.

Harlequin shows them listed like this. Though, I believe this is reverse reading order.
Witness Protection
Undercover Marriage: by Terri Reed
Family in Hiding: by Valerie Hansen
Top Secret Identity: by Sharon Dunn
Stolen Memories: by Liz Johnson
The Baby Rescues: by Margaret Daley
Safe by the Marshals Side: by Shirlee McCoy

GENRES: christian romance
WARNINGS:  religion, biblical references
AGES: 15+

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Friday, June 20, 2014

The KGI Series: By Maya Banks

  It's official. I have a new favorite series. Maya Banks is a long time favorite of mine and her KGI Series adds to that. Currently there are 8 KGI books and a novella, but the story is still growing. The ninth book, When Day Breaks, is due to release on the 24th and I'm excited, to say the least. I have already read each of the others twice, and could probably read them again before the next one comes out.
   KGI: Kelly Group International is a private protection/rescue agency owned by the 6 Kelly brothers Sam, Garrett, Ethan, Donovan, and twins Nathan and Joe. So far 5 of the brothers have their own book, the rest of the books are other team leaders and part of the extended Kelly family. Each book is packed with action. There is all the great stuff I love like, kidnapping, gunfights, helicopter crashes, and so on, with the addition of a great romance. Each book tells it's own story and could be read alone, but they are so hard to put down you move onto the next one when you finish. I love this family and their stories so so much. I am excited that When Day Breaks is almost out, but I only have four days and now I want to read these again before it's released!

The KGI Series:
1. The Darkest Hour (Ethan)
2. No Place to Run (Sam)
3. Hidden Away (Garrett)
4. Whispers in The Dark (Nathan)
5. Echoes at Dawn (Rio)
5.5 Softly at Sunrise (Ethan 2)
6. Shades of Gray (P.J and Cole)
7. Forged in Steel (Steel)
8. After The Storm (Donovan)
9. When Day Breaks (Swanny) (Release date: 06/24/14)

GENRES: contemporary romance, romantic suspense
WARNINGS: graphic violence and sex
AGES: 18+
SERIES: Yes!!!

 Thanks and Happy Reading.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Coulda Been a Cowboy: By Brenda Novak (Dundee, Idaho Series)

     I have long been a fan of Brenda Novak, but Coulda Been a Cowboy is much different than other books of hers I have read. Previously, I had read her summer "Heat" series, three books about a private investigation agency. Lots of murder, crime and suspense. Coulda Been a Cowboy, is most definitely not like those.  Coulda Been a Cowboy is about a famous NFL Player, Tyson, and all the whirlwind and scandal surrounding him and his new son. The only thing this book seems to have in common with the others is the romance, and the fact that it was a great read.
   Coulda Been a Cowboy is the eighth book in the Dundee, Idaho Series but it reads great stand alone. This is the only book I have read from the series and I don't feel that I missed anything "need to know" in the others. I only want to read them now to get to know some of the characters more. (And because once I start a series I tend to obsess until I know everything I can about them,  *sigh*.)
   Every Brenda Novak book gives you those great characters that I love. Also, even thought this book doesn't really have any action, the plot keeps moving enough to keep you interested, with drama, scandal, and a blooming love.  There is some sex in the book, but it is not very graphic and doesn't go on for pages and pages. And there is some drinking, but again it's not pages after pages of parties. I didn't notice any grammatical errors. Overall,  I really enjoyed this book, it is very well balanced.  In think my favorite part of the book is Grandpa Garnier. Grandpa Garnier passed away before the time of the book, but each chapter starts with a great wise cowboy quote from him. It literally had me laughing out loud a few times. Oh, and did I mention that this book was a free download on Amazon when I caught it? It was, and I absolutely love a great read even more when it's free!!!  

Here's what I've found on the rest of the series.

Dundee, Idaho Series:
1. A Baby of Her Own
2. A Husband of Her Own
3. A Family of Her Own
3. A Home of Her Own
5. Stranger in Town
6. Big Girls Don't Cry
7. The Other Woman
8. Coulda Been a Cowboy
8.5 That Christmas Feeling

GENRES: Contemporary romance
WARNINGS:  Some sex and drinking
AGES: 18+ (maturity level)

I'll leave you with one of those wise quotes:
"Never squat on your spurs." -Grandpa Garnier

Thanks and Happy Reading!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Daddy Pact: By Kristy K. James (The Coach's Boys Series: Book One)

  The Daddy Pact by Kristy K. James is the first installment of her series The Coach's Boys. This book was impressive for a free download. James gives us some pretty strong lead characters,Jess and Dan, and a wide range of deep emotions.
  This was not the light read  I was hoping for when I started it. This book is pretty deep, with characters dealing with grief, loss, anger, suicidal thoughts and then hope, joy and love.  The emotions are wrote well and will get you wrapped into the story. It did get a little slow in the middle, to me, but I do love action. No action here, just constant drama.
   I have no warnings to give for this book. There is no sex, drinking, drugs, or graphic violence. It's only implied. I would say it is a mature novel and not for children or younger teens, due to the nature of the deep emotions and implied sexuality.
 Overall The Daddy Pact is a good read, and a great free read. Also, it is part of a series and I am sure the rest of the series will be just as heart tugging as the first.

The Coach's Boys Series: By Kristy K. James
Book One: The Daddy Pact
Book Two: A Hero For Holly
Book Three: A Harry Situation
Book Four: Her Best Friend Jon
Book Five: Code Red Christmas

GENRES: romance, contemporary romance
WARNINGS: not a light read
AGES: 16+ (maturity level)

Thanks, and Happy Reading!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Play Hard: Box Set by V.K. Sykes, Juliana Stone, and Jennifer Lyon

  Play Hard is a box set containing three different novels by three different authors. All of the books revolve around sports but they aren't connected in any other ways. Each book had completely different characters and plot lines. Also, they each are the start of their own series.
  The first book in the box is Fastball by V.K. Sykes. Fastball is about Jake Miller, professional baseball player, and sportswriter Maddie Leclair breaking the rules. Next, we have Offside by Juliana Stone. In Offside, former Olympic hockey player Billie Jo Baker returns to her small hometown and stirs up all kinds of trouble. Last in the set is The Proposition by Jennifer Lyon.  The Proposition tells us the story of retired UFC Fighter Sloane Michaels and the unsuspected trouble he finds when he falls for baker Kat Thayne.
  Overall I really enjoyed all of the books. Good characters, pretty good stories. I only noticed a few errors, and they were not major. There where a few name mix up's and that messes with my concentration, any only a very few grammatical errors. Really, for a free download, the books are pretty good compared to most that are out there and you get three.
  My warning on the set are basic; contains sex, drinking, language, and a little violence. Also, as I mentioned earlier, each book starts its own series by that author. I am putting this as a warning because if you are like me when you start a series you have to read whole thing.
Play Hard Box set contains:
Fastball: V.K. Sykes
Offside: Juliana Stone
The Proposition: Jennifer Lyon

Here's what I've come up with on the series.
The Philadelphia Patriots Series: V.K. Sykes
(V.K. Sykes is two people! Husband and wife, Vanessa Kelly and Randy Sykes.)

The Barker Triplets: Juliana Stone

The Plus-One Chronicles: Jennifer Lyon
The Proposition

GENRE: romance,
AGES: 18+
WARNINGS: drinking, language, graphic sex, and a little violence.
SERIES: yes!
            Thanks and Happy Reading!!!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Breathless Trilogy: By Maya Banks

  Well folks,  I'm back and I absolutely love The Breathless Trilogy by Maya Banks. (I have read them all twice.)  They all have the great unique characters that I praise so often, but they are also, well, spicy. Very spicy.
   The first book in the trilogy is Burn, and it tells Gabe's story. Fever, the second novel, is about Jace. Third in the trilogy is Rush, which is Ash's story. Gabe, Jace and Ash are best friends and very successful business partners. But don't let me leave out that they are all extremely sexy, dominant billionaires.  When I said spicy, like whew, people you might need to keep a fire extinguisher handy.
  Each book has it owns unique story and plot line. New drama, laughs, and even some action. But they all revolve around Gabe, Jace, Ash and the family they make themselves. The characters carry throughout the series and you're introduced to new ones along the way. And Maya Banks rocks on characters. You will love them.
   The books are great and could be read "stand-alone," though I think they are best when read in order. Plus, I really don't think you can just read one without wanting to read the whole series. Be advised, there is graphic language, some violence and drinking, and lots of graphic sex. Not just plain ole' sex. Naughty stuff, like "tie-me up and spank me" stuff that will have you hiding you're Kindle when someone passes by. Shades of 50 Shades, but not really... Not for everyone I know, but you can skim over those parts, right? ;)
   I will shut-up now and just say, I loooove anything by Maya Banks. Also, I now have a whole new perspective of "Girls Night Out."

Reading Order:
Burn (Gabe)
Fever (Jace)
Rush  (Ash)

GENRES: romance, contemporary romance
WARNING: some violence, drinking, and kinky sex.

 Thanks & Happy Reading!