Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Daddy Pact: By Kristy K. James (The Coach's Boys Series: Book One)

  The Daddy Pact by Kristy K. James is the first installment of her series The Coach's Boys. This book was impressive for a free download. James gives us some pretty strong lead characters,Jess and Dan, and a wide range of deep emotions.
  This was not the light read  I was hoping for when I started it. This book is pretty deep, with characters dealing with grief, loss, anger, suicidal thoughts and then hope, joy and love.  The emotions are wrote well and will get you wrapped into the story. It did get a little slow in the middle, to me, but I do love action. No action here, just constant drama.
   I have no warnings to give for this book. There is no sex, drinking, drugs, or graphic violence. It's only implied. I would say it is a mature novel and not for children or younger teens, due to the nature of the deep emotions and implied sexuality.
 Overall The Daddy Pact is a good read, and a great free read. Also, it is part of a series and I am sure the rest of the series will be just as heart tugging as the first.

The Coach's Boys Series: By Kristy K. James
Book One: The Daddy Pact
Book Two: A Hero For Holly
Book Three: A Harry Situation
Book Four: Her Best Friend Jon
Book Five: Code Red Christmas

GENRES: romance, contemporary romance
WARNINGS: not a light read
AGES: 16+ (maturity level)

Thanks, and Happy Reading!


  1. Oh thank you so much for the review. I wish I'd found it when you wrote it last year but better late than never. :)

  2. <3 Always welcome!!! I believe that I have it cross-posted on Goodreads and Amazon as well, but being a year ago, I can't promise. :)

  3. Ok, It wasn't posted on Amazon. But it is now! :)