Thursday, June 19, 2014

Coulda Been a Cowboy: By Brenda Novak (Dundee, Idaho Series)

     I have long been a fan of Brenda Novak, but Coulda Been a Cowboy is much different than other books of hers I have read. Previously, I had read her summer "Heat" series, three books about a private investigation agency. Lots of murder, crime and suspense. Coulda Been a Cowboy, is most definitely not like those.  Coulda Been a Cowboy is about a famous NFL Player, Tyson, and all the whirlwind and scandal surrounding him and his new son. The only thing this book seems to have in common with the others is the romance, and the fact that it was a great read.
   Coulda Been a Cowboy is the eighth book in the Dundee, Idaho Series but it reads great stand alone. This is the only book I have read from the series and I don't feel that I missed anything "need to know" in the others. I only want to read them now to get to know some of the characters more. (And because once I start a series I tend to obsess until I know everything I can about them,  *sigh*.)
   Every Brenda Novak book gives you those great characters that I love. Also, even thought this book doesn't really have any action, the plot keeps moving enough to keep you interested, with drama, scandal, and a blooming love.  There is some sex in the book, but it is not very graphic and doesn't go on for pages and pages. And there is some drinking, but again it's not pages after pages of parties. I didn't notice any grammatical errors. Overall,  I really enjoyed this book, it is very well balanced.  In think my favorite part of the book is Grandpa Garnier. Grandpa Garnier passed away before the time of the book, but each chapter starts with a great wise cowboy quote from him. It literally had me laughing out loud a few times. Oh, and did I mention that this book was a free download on Amazon when I caught it? It was, and I absolutely love a great read even more when it's free!!!  

Here's what I've found on the rest of the series.

Dundee, Idaho Series:
1. A Baby of Her Own
2. A Husband of Her Own
3. A Family of Her Own
3. A Home of Her Own
5. Stranger in Town
6. Big Girls Don't Cry
7. The Other Woman
8. Coulda Been a Cowboy
8.5 That Christmas Feeling

GENRES: Contemporary romance
WARNINGS:  Some sex and drinking
AGES: 18+ (maturity level)

I'll leave you with one of those wise quotes:
"Never squat on your spurs." -Grandpa Garnier

Thanks and Happy Reading!

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