Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Safe by the Marshall's Side (Witness Protection Series): By Shirlee McCoy

      Safe by the Marshal's Side is the first Shirlee McCoy book that I have read.  This book was a free download on Amazon when I picked it up, and for a free read it was a good one.  The book is about Annie, a widowed mom in the witness protection program and Hunter, the U.S. Marshal tasked with keeping her safe until trial. There is a little action, some suspense and a sweet romance with a good story line to keep the pages turning.
      I didn't notice any errors while reading this one. Which is unusual for a free read. I was impressed. Also there is NO sex, or foul language or gritty violence. It is classified as "inspirational romance" which basically means that it involves more God and religion than kisses and naughty pages. The characters and emotions are well developed. This was a great download. The only thing I noticed that I did not like, was the cliffhangers. It seems that the only thing wrapped up in this book is the romance. The plot and back story carry on to the other books. This makes it hard to read stand-alone.

Harlequin shows them listed like this. Though, I believe this is reverse reading order.
Witness Protection
Undercover Marriage: by Terri Reed
Family in Hiding: by Valerie Hansen
Top Secret Identity: by Sharon Dunn
Stolen Memories: by Liz Johnson
The Baby Rescues: by Margaret Daley
Safe by the Marshals Side: by Shirlee McCoy

GENRES: christian romance
WARNINGS:  religion, biblical references
AGES: 15+

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