Friday, June 20, 2014

The KGI Series: By Maya Banks

  It's official. I have a new favorite series. Maya Banks is a long time favorite of mine and her KGI Series adds to that. Currently there are 8 KGI books and a novella, but the story is still growing. The ninth book, When Day Breaks, is due to release on the 24th and I'm excited, to say the least. I have already read each of the others twice, and could probably read them again before the next one comes out.
   KGI: Kelly Group International is a private protection/rescue agency owned by the 6 Kelly brothers Sam, Garrett, Ethan, Donovan, and twins Nathan and Joe. So far 5 of the brothers have their own book, the rest of the books are other team leaders and part of the extended Kelly family. Each book is packed with action. There is all the great stuff I love like, kidnapping, gunfights, helicopter crashes, and so on, with the addition of a great romance. Each book tells it's own story and could be read alone, but they are so hard to put down you move onto the next one when you finish. I love this family and their stories so so much. I am excited that When Day Breaks is almost out, but I only have four days and now I want to read these again before it's released!

The KGI Series:
1. The Darkest Hour (Ethan)
2. No Place to Run (Sam)
3. Hidden Away (Garrett)
4. Whispers in The Dark (Nathan)
5. Echoes at Dawn (Rio)
5.5 Softly at Sunrise (Ethan 2)
6. Shades of Gray (P.J and Cole)
7. Forged in Steel (Steel)
8. After The Storm (Donovan)
9. When Day Breaks (Swanny) (Release date: 06/24/14)

GENRES: contemporary romance, romantic suspense
WARNINGS: graphic violence and sex
AGES: 18+
SERIES: Yes!!!

 Thanks and Happy Reading.

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