Thursday, September 4, 2014

Grave Danger: By Heather Graham

     Heather Graham is one of my long time favorite authors. I will read anything with her name on it,  without reading the synopsis. And of course, she didn't let me down. Grave Danger is A Love is Murder short story.
   Grave Danger was great. Really short story, but very well written. It has a great plot full of action and suspense, with a little love and a serial killer. Graham wraps up the story well in the end, leaving us with no cliff hangers and a happy ending. The characters aren't as well defined as in a full length novel, but you still get a pretty good sense of Ali and Greg, and Graham fills that space with some nail biting tension to make up for it.
   My warning for Grave Danger is violence. There is no sex or partying. Just a serial killer on the loose with a little bit of the paranormal mixed in for fun. I didn't notice any grammatical issues either.

 From what I can gather on the world wide web, Love is Murder is a suspense collection containing works by thirty New York Times bestselling authors (such as Sandra Brown & Heather Graham) and some new kids on the block.
Some of the titles mentioned are:
Old Moonlight
Spiders Tango
Night Heat
B A D Mission
Deadly Fixation
Hot Note
Last Shot
Grave danger
Without Mercy
Even Steven

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For more on Heather Graham check out her site.

GENRES:  suspense, romantic suspense, thriller.
WARNINGS: violence, scary stuff
AGES: 16+
SERIES:  no, a collection.

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