Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Hot Pursuit: A Hostile Operations Team novel; By Lynn Raye Harris

    Hot Pursuit (A Hostile Operations Team novel) by Lynne Raye Harris was a GREAT free download. I really enjoyed this book. It has great characters, both in their physical attributes and personalities. Plus, it has a great story line with lots of action and romance. And did I mention it was free?
    Hostile Operations Team, or HOT, is a top secret special forces unit of the Army staffed by sexy bad-asses, of course. The guys in the team,  Matt, Sam, Billy, Kevin, Jack, Nick and Garrett each get their own book. Hot Pursuit is Matt's book and the first in the seven book series.
    My warnings for the  HOT novels are graphic sex, language and graphic violence. There is a ton of action, fight scenes, shoot outs, kidnapping and explosions and it all ties together smoothly. The story line was really good as well, and it kind of rang close to home for me. Not only because I have an obsession for men in uniforms or dog tags, but because of the small town and first love.  I won't say anymore and be a spoiler. Overall, I really loved this book. Great characters, great action and no grammatical errors that I noticed. I will be looking into getting the rest of the series.

Hostile Operations Team:
Book 1: Hot Pursuit (Matt)
Book 2: Hot Mess ( Sam)
Book 3: Hot Package ( Billy)
Book 4: Dangerously Hot ( Kevin)
Book 5: Hot Shot (Jack)
Book 6: Hot Rebel ( Nick) [release date 9/29/14]
Book 7: Hot Ice (Garrett) [release date 12/29/14]

As I said above, Hot Pursuit was available as a free promotional download for Kindle on when I picked it up. Direct link 
For more about the HOT books and everything Lynne Raye Harris visit her website at :

GENRES: romance, romantic suspense
WARNINGS:  graphic sex, language and violence
AGES: 18+
SERIES:   yes

Thanks & Happy Reading!

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