Friday, September 5, 2014

The Laurel Heights Series by Kate Perry

If you are looking for a light fun read, the books of the Laurel Heights series by Kate Perry will do the trick. I have read book 4, Looking for You and 5, Dream of you. I really liked both of them. Laugh out load funny with romance and great characters.
            Laurel Heights is an upper crust community/ shopping district in San Francisco (fictionally, of course) and the series revolves around the shop owners and their crazy lives. From what I can tell, all the shop owners are bas ass females ruling the world, or well their stores at least. Perry does a great job with these girls and all the rest of the characters. You can picture them in your head and feel their distinct personalities. The books are written from multiple view points, giving you even more insight into what’s going on in the neighborhood.
            My main warning for this series is graphic sex, but not enough to classify this as erotica. Also, this is a rather large series of books. Each book can be read alone, but you may get wrapped up in the world of Laurel Heights.
According to the back pages of Dream of You the Laurel Heights series goes like this:
Perfect for You
Close to You
Return to You
Looking for You
Dream of You
Sweet on You
Tamed by You
Here with You
All for You (novelette)
Mad About You
Loved by You

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GENRES: romance, romantic comedy
WARNINGS:  some graphic sex.
AGES: 18+
SERIES: YES and it’s big one. ^


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