Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Littlest Cowboy (The Texas Brands Book 1); By Maggie Shayne

I often brag on Maggie Shayne and The Littlest Cowboy just gives me more to talk about. Shayne flawlessly combines all of my favorite attributes in a book. She gives us a lot of amazing characters with great personalities and physical descriptions. Then there is the deep suspense, a ton of action, and a great romance. When Shayne tells you a story, you’re there. You can feel the tension and smell the gunpowder.
The book and the entire series are “romantic suspense” so my warnings for them seem obvious. There is graphic violence, a lot, in many forms. Also, it contains graphic language and some sex. The sex isn't extremely graphic, nor is there a lot of it but it is there. Last, this is not a light fun happy read. It's tense and emotion packed. I know I had a tear or two come to eye. 
The Littlest Cowboy is the first novel in The Texas Brands Series. The Series revolves around the Brand family, brothers Garrett, Wes, Elliot, Adam, and Ben and their sister Jessi and a bunch of cousins. I really loved this book, and want to get the rest of the series! Oh, and this was a FREE download for Kindle on Amazon.

**UPDATE 3/17/15** I have now read this ENTIRE series and I love all of the book as much as I did the first one. Each book brings you a new story with new love, tension, and suspense but still involves the other characters as well. Each book can be read stand alone, but you will want to read them all!

The Texas Brands:
The Littlest Cowboy (Garrett)
The Baddest Virgin in Texas (Jessi)
Badlands Bad Boy (Wes)
The Husband She Couldn't Remember: republished as, Lone Gone Lonesome Blues (Ben)
Texas Guardian (Marcus)
The Baddest Bride in Texas: Republished as, Lone Star Lonely  (Adam)
The Outlaw Bride (Elliot)
Texas Angel (Sarah)
Texas Homecoming (Luke)

The Texas Brands have a strand of cousins who have their own connected series.
The Oklahoma All- Girl Brands:
The Brands Who Came for Christmas
Brand –New Heartache
Secrets and Lies
A Mommy for Christmas
One Magic Summer
Sweet Vidalia Brand

The Littlest Cowboy is available free for Kindle when I caught it, check to see if it’s still free here.
To check for other device/retailers with free downloads and everything else Maggie Shayne, visit her website.

GENRES: romantic suspense,  contemporary western
WARNINGS: graphic violence, and language. Some sex
AGES: 18+

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