Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Lies That Save Us (The Broken Heart Series): By JL Redington

   The Lies That Save Us is the first JL Redington book that I have read, and now I am a fan. This was a great read. The novel keeps you guessing from beginning to end, Redington gives nothing away and the surprises keep coming. In The Lies That Save Us, Redington brings us a ton of action and conspiracy with a little romance thrown in to keep things spicy and the pages turning.
  The Lies That Save Us is the first book of The Broken Heart Series and was available as a free promotional download for Kindle on Amazon when I caught it. The series revolves around a FBI Agent Max Menetti and his team. The Lies That Save Us stars Max's daughter Alexa and his teammate Cayman in a whirlwind of confusion, chaos and conspiracy.
  The Broken Hearts series is "mystery- suspense romance," and my warnings fall in line with the genre. There is a lot of action and graphic violence in the portrayal of that action. However, there is no graphic sex. There are some steamy make out scenes, but the one and only sex scene in "The Lies" is not graphic.

The Broken Heart Series:
Book One: The Lies That Save Us  (Cayman)
Book Two: Solitary Tears (Patrick)
Book Three: Veiled Secrets  (Sam)
Book Four (Sequel to Book One) : Softly She Leaves (Max)

Check and see if it's still free on Amazon here.
For synopsis, bios and more book visit JL Redington's website.

GENRES: romantic suspense, mystery romance
AGES: 18+
WARNINGS: graphic violence and nail-biting action
SERIES: yes!

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