Monday, March 16, 2015

Only For Her (Only Series Volume 2): By Cristin Harber

   Only For Her is the second volume in what will become a four part saga. Only for Him, volume one, left me bleeding and crying and wishing for number two. Now, I've read number two and I'm not in much better shape than the first time around. Need the next book. NEED to see this happy ever after. 
   I love Emma and Grayson. I love their story and their emotions and all the chaos that surrounds them. I cannot wait for their HEA. They have been through so much already, in only the first two serials of the saga, that they deserve an EPIC HEA to go with their epic love story.
  This really doesn't sound much like a review, more like a love fest. So, I will add (and try to without spoilers) some people may think that things are happening way to fast at first. Also, some may say that there was not enough emotion/screaming/crying/throwing things, for them to move forward. And to that I say, keep reading. Everything happens as it should and with good flow. You'll get your emotion. 
  And the ending. Hah, Cristin, girl you are trying to give us a heart attack or something. That ending will leave you hanging on the edge of your seat, cussing out your Kindle, and sending a certain author love-hate mail and riot threats. 
  Oh, and warnings. Warnings are simple, graphic language, deep emotions that may cause ugly girl tears, a smidgen of violence, and a little bit of graphic sex. 
  **Seriously wondering if Miss Harber has a copy of my diary lying around, or is physic. She knows exactly how to hit me in the feels. Everything about Emma and Gray rips at me, and reflects to much of my own secrets.  

The Only Series
Vol. 1 Only For Him (available)
Vol. 2 Only For Her  (Releasing 03-17-15)
Vol. 3 Only For Us   (TBR)
Vol 4. (TBR)

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GENRES: romance, contemp romance, romantic suspense
WARNINGS:  deep emotion, some violence and language, STEAMY
AGES: 18+

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P.S. I received and ARC copy of this book from the author, in exchange for an honest review. 

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