Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Only Forever (Only Vol. 4); By Cristin Harber

**I received an ARC (advanced readers copy) of this book from the awesome author and InkSlinger PR, in exchange for my honest review.**
  Cristin Harber's brand new Only Series is finally complete with the fourth installment, Only Forever, live and making girls swoon worldwide. I am a huge Cristin fan and this series just adds to that and proves my point all over again. She is a master at suspensefully tugging your heartstrings, and making your fall for new book boyfriends.
  The Only Series, the story of Emma and Grayson, is split into four serials. Each serial takes you through another hurdle in their relationship, and finding their forever. And each serial leaves you screaming at a big fat cliffhanger (as serials typically do,) until Only Forever. Forever wraps up the story beautifully, giving Emma and Gray the epic HEA their epic love story demanded.
  I absolutely , totally, love this series. I love Emma, Gray, Cally, Cherry and Ryan. You fall for the whole family through the serials, and Miss Cristin is great at giving us characters we can see, and relate too. They have real attitudes, reactions and emotions. She also gives us great physical descriptions to build on.  I have a few warnings to mention, falling in line with the romantic suspense genre, contains graphic sex and language. Though each serial is slightly different there is also graphic violence and action, though not as much as you will find in other Harber series (Titan & Delta.) Most importantly, MUST READ IN ORDER. These books are not meant to stand alone, or to be read out of sequence. Overall, well done Cristin on your new epic series.
If you have any doubt that Grayson Ford is book boyfriend material, here is a Gray quote from Only Forever.
"Don't be too perfect, pretty mama. Otherwise, I'm likely to propose in the parking lot of a strip joint. That'd be an awkward story to tell our kids." --Gray    **swoon**

GENRES: new adult, romantic suspense
WARNINGS: graphic sex , language and some violence- Do not stand alone.
AGES: 18+
SERIES:  yes , Only
Thanks and Happy Reading!!!!

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