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Be Careful What You Kiss For ( Book #1 of the Love Rewritten Series) By: Jane Lynne Daniels ** Review by Amy

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  Tensley Tanner-Starbrook is living a great life. She has the perfect corporate job, an incredible condo, and a beautiful new car. However, there is one thing in life that she would like a do-over for: Max Hunter. She visits a Psychic and is given the chance to take back a single regret in her life by getting a “do-over”.  Unfortunately, without thinking, Tensley says the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of the painful memory of Max: punching Rhonda the skank. A whirlwind of life changing events have happened since visiting the psychic, including a felony, jail time, and becoming a stripper. Can she pick up the pieces of what is left in life and salvage her relationships? Which relationships are worth salvaging? Can she open her heart to Max?
  Max Hunter was THE bad boy in school that every single girl wanted. He had other things in mind for Tensley then staying in town and putting off college but he didn’t expect the hurt that was going to come with those plans or the lifelong pain and suffering he would experience.  Needing to do something with his life, he studied and worked hard to become a police officer then investigator. He has his eye on Gary’s Gorgeous Grecian’s as he has a gut feeling that Gary has his hands in some illegal business dealings . He needs someone on the inside to help him get the intel but he never thought Tensley would be the one to help him. Would he be able to work with her as a CI without getting involved? Could he give up this one chance to get Tensely to forgive him and get to know him again for his job? Could he do both?
  I absolutely adored this story. It was fun, flirty, sexy, and suspenseful. Max and Tensely are a couple that have the chemistry to make you feel like you could insert yourself in their story. The storyline kept me reading, and wanting more; action, suspense, and romance and it definitely delivered. There is an interesting twist at the end that will make reading the second book in the series fun and interesting. I can’t wait to see exactly what Max and Tensley are up to. What about Tensley’s mom? Will she want to rekindle her relationship with her daughter? What happens to Kate?
I would definitely recommend this book if you are looking for a fun read. I don’t think you will be disappointed at all. Once you’re done with this book, pick up the second in the series!

Genres: Contemporary Fantasy, Romantic Suspense
Warnings: Contains Sexually Explicit Content
Ages: 18+
Series: Love Rewritten Series
Rating: 5/5

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**Review By Amy, posted by Dany!

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