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K*ss Happens (Love Rewritten Book 2) By: Jane Lynne Daniels *8 Review By Amy

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   Emma Zane, a successful song writer, music teacher, friend and lover. Unfortunately, she is on the losing end of each one of those things at one point or another. She visits Madame Claire, the psychic, upon request of a friend, to try to make her life better and to wipe out her deepest regret, Chase.  He is in her thoughts when she is awake and in her dreams asleep. She can’t get past the song they cowrote or how she handled things concerning the song. Weren’t they meant to be together? Wasn’t he the one that was her everything, her pleasure, her happiness, her excitement, and her pain? Currently it seemed all he was bringing her was pain. Would Madame Claire be able to allow her to get past that and forget, or would her magic mess up again?
   Chase is a music writing genius to everyone but the two people who really matter, himself and Emma. He has lived everyday with regret that Emma didn’t think his writing was good enough to provide a living for them. He has held anger and disappointment in everyday since Emma left him to write with Jason Jeffries, but did she really? Could Chase have misread the situation and could Emma still love him? Chase would have to swallow some pride and open his heart and ears to listen to what Emma has to say and trust her. When Chase is given the chance of a lifetime to rekindle things with Emma, can he look past their history and open his heart?
   I loved the story line in this book. Emma and Chase have a fun relationship. They are flirty, feisty, fun, romantic, and loving. They both have demons in their hearts that are preventing them from loving and feeling. I thought it was fun how Madame Claire was a little more involved with her “customer” this time. The angst in this story had my hear aching for both characters at different points. The story line felt realistic to me, not including the magic of course, and kept me wanting to read.
   The reason this book gets a 4 star rating is I was really hoping that this story would be a continuation to Tensley’s story in book one. This book felt like the first book with the general idea, just different characters, and a different story. I felt the concept was the same. This didn’t keep me from enjoying the book nor will it keep me from recommending it to you, fellow reader! I think you will enjoy the book.

Genres: Contemporary Fantasy, Romantic Suspense
Warnings: Contains Sexually Explicit Content
Ages: 18+
Series: Love Rewritten Series
Review: 4/5

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