Thursday, June 18, 2015

Love Crushed, By Toshia Slade

* I received an ARC from the awesome author in exchange for my honest review.*

  I have been waiting, so impatiently for this book since I started reading Ten Year Crush, Love's predecessor.  And Toshia did not disappoint. She gives Josh and Tiff an equally awesome love story.
 Love Crushed is the sequel to Toshia's novel Ten Year Crush. Both novels can be read stand alone, but you will not want too. Since they both contain the same characters, you will want to read them both and get some more of those awesome cowboys! Slade gives us real and deep emotions in her characters (she made me cry, twice.) Also, great tension to keep the pages turning as fast as your fingers can swipe  and a few laugh- out- loud funny moments to switch things up.
  I reallllllllly, really, love this story! There are just a few warnings to mention. Starting with lots of hots steamy sex. Of course.  There is also some language and drinking. And as I mentioned above, emotion deep enough to bring tears. Anyone who loves contemporary and new adult romances will love any of +Toshia Slade 's books!

Book One: Ten Year Crush  (Cam and Gabby)
Book Two: Love Crushed  (Josh and Tiffany)


GENRES: new adult, romance, contemporary
WARNINGS:  graphic sex and language, some alcohol use.
AGES: 18+
RATING:  5/5

Thank &; Happy Reading!

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