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My Demons (The Angel Trilogy Book Two) By: Kimberly Blalock **Review By Amy

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I received this book from the author in return for a fair and honest review.

***You must read book one to understand book two. This book also ends in a major cliffhanger***

Abby hast lost the memories for the last year of her life. She doesn’t remember Evan, doesn’t remember the passion and love that they share. That also means she doesn’t remember the heartache she experienced before her accident. Will she be able to push the fog away in her mind and recover her memories of Evan and the love that they share? What is meant to happen in her life if Marco is the only person she can remember she loved?
Evan is going crazy knowing that Abby doesn’t remember him, his love for her, or anything about their life together. He will stop at nothing trying to get Abby to remember him. He must protect her from the darkness of his life. He cannot see her get hurt again. He is the one meant to be with her for life, he is the one meant to make her happy, but how?
Another absolute homerun by Kimberly Blalock!  These books just keep getting better, and I absolutely loved the first book. My emotions were everywhere during this book. I couldn’t sit still. I was all over the place. One moment I’d be happy and ecstatic and another moment I’d be angry or sad and sitting at the edge of my seat. I enjoy reading the friendship between Abby and Amy. Their antics always have me laughing, especially at the “big wig” dinners!
This story was written in a way that is easy to understand and easy to inert yourself into. The love and emotion between Abby and Evan is a thing that is hard to describe. This was done in such a beautiful manner in this book and in such a descriptive way, it made it so easily understandable. I could absolutely relate to their love and dedication to each other when I think about the way I feel about my husband. This book does have some heavy dark moments and I think they are written in a classy way. They aren’t written in a way that makes them seem any less important than they are but they aren’t written in a way that over describes them.
I will recommend this book to anyone that asks. It is a great book and part of an incredible trilogy. I can’t wait to get my hands on the third book because the cliffhanger at the end will just about drive you insane. If you aren’t a fan of cliffhangers, buy this book, and put it in a folder until the third book releases then read them together. You will enjoy the story, I promise!

Genres: Romance / Suspense / Thriller
Warnings: None
Ages: 18+
Series: The Angel Trilogy
Rating: 5/5

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**Review by Amy, posted by Dany!

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