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Say My Name (Stark International Trilogy #1) By: J. Kenner **Review By Amy

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*Disclaimer – I have received a copy of this book from Once Upon An Alpha in exchange for a fair and honest review.
***This book talks about rape and the story Sylvia has to tell of her experience. Please be forewarned before reading this book if this topic is a trigger for you.***

   Sylvia has a permanent reminder of how men can ruin her. His name is Bob.  He has haunted her in her dreams and in her life every day since she turned 14.  Jackson had made a life and name for himself out of incredible hard work and strength.  There is only one thing in his life that had the ability and power to break him. Jackson will do anything Sylvia asks him to do, no matter what.  How is he to respond when she asks him to do the one thing he does not want to do? He was left broken and empty the day she walked out. When something is meant to be it will be.  What does that mean for Sylvia and Jackson? When Sylvia needs Jackson will he break down his barriers and do whatever she asks? Can he be that vulnerable again?
   Jackson and Sylvia ripped my heart out and tore it into shreds.  They both have caused each other grief, neither causing more than the other.  Their relationship was written in such a way that it seemed incredible natural with the way they talked, fought, made love.  There were some tense moments between the two characters and that tension leapt out of the pages and grasped onto me while I was reading.  It was frustrating at times to read the story and not want to reach in the book and give the character a good stern talking to. The author did a great job playing with the readers emotions in such a way that is keeps you turning the page, reading word by word, desperately wanting to know more. There is still a feeling of mystery where Jackson is concerned but I couldn’t help but absolutely love the guy.  He is absolutely Sylvia’s knight in shining armor in this book so far and I couldn’t be happier to read it!
This book has caught me, hook line and sinker. I must read the next book: “On My Knees”!

Genre: Romance, Suspense, Erotic Romance
Warnings: This book discusses Rape. If this is a trigger do not read.
Ages: 18+
Series: Stark International Trilogy
Rating 5/5


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**Review by Amy, posted by Dany!

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