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Starts with a Kiss (Love Rewritten Book 3) By: Jane Lynne Daniels **Review by Amy

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Anya has gone through the ringer on life and she is desperate to be happy again, truly happy. She was in a horrific accident in her college days and lost the love of her life. She tried to move on and tried to keep busy with work and modeling but Ryder never disappeared. How could she forgive herself for causing the accident that took every dream Ryder had away from him? He wanted nothing to do with her and that broke her completely. Would it be possible to have a do-over in life to get her happily ever after? Would Madame Claire get the spell right this time so the accident never happened? Could Anya open up her heart to heal from the accident to make room for love?

Ryder had his life planned out, college ball then the NBA. According to the coaches he had what it took to make it all the way. That was until one day he drank too much, flirted too much, and got into the car with Anya when she was way too upset. The outcome had cost him his future as playing basketball. Ryder couldn't get past the anger for a long time towards Anya. How could she do that to him? He knew there was no way for them to continue their relationship so he had to just shut her out. Could he make room in his heart for future love?  Could he look past his obstacles for happiness? Did he want to see if there was a future for himself and Anya after years of thinking of her daily?

I could not put this book down. In fact, I read it in one day. Although the story concept is the same as the first two books, the story line grabbed my heart and didn't let go. Throughout the entire story I felt such extreme emotion from these characters, it nearly jumped out of the pages. Ryder and Anya are both loving, stubborn, funny, smart, and very judgmental of themselves. I loved Annie and the conversations she was able to get flowing. Sometimes things are easier said when behind a wall of mystery.  I had to know how their story played out. There was a few times I was pretty frustrated and angry, very similar to Anya, and I thought how great it was the Author was able to sync our emotions. This was a perfect story and so much fun to read.

I do hope this is the final piece to this series but look forward to checking out the authors future works, for sure!!

Genres: Contemporary Fantasy, Romantic Suspense
Warnings: Contains Sexually Explicit Content
Ages: 18+
Series: Love Rewritten Series
Review: 5/5

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**Review by Amy posted by Dany!

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