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Under The Mayhaw Tree By: Charlotte Boyette-Compo **Review By Amy

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*Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from Book Plug Promotions in Exchange for an Honest and Fair Review*

*Warning: This book includes quite a bit of sexual and physical abuse. If these topics are triggers for you, please do not read this book.

Drew has had a hard life. That's putting it gently.  He had an abusive father, his mother died at a young age, his chance at professional football was ruined, and the town he lived in blamed him for the death of his best friend.  Add a group of men out to kill him and that’s Drews life summed up.  Allison married young after having to quit college. She married a nice looking man who longed to be a coach. What other secrets did he have that he longed to achieve?

This is not a book I can say I truly enjoyed.  It was raw, graphic, and maybe in some parts, uncensored.  It will tear at your heartstrings and possibly break you. This book depressed me from the beginning to about ¾ of the way through. It touches on subjects such as bullying, sexual and physical abuse, and had an incredible amount of violence in it. If you are of the faint of heart, this is not for you.

Now, after what I've said above, I enjoyed reading the last ¾ of the book. I laughed, smiled, and enjoyed the story line. The author is incredibly descriptive in her writing. This was a positive and a negative throughout different parts of the book.  As a whole, had I known more detail what the story line was, I probably wouldn't have read the book. It just is not my type of scene.

The author did a great job writing this book though. Her writing flowed, the ideas flowed well, and the scenes fell together smoothly.  If you like reading intensely dark books that surround themselves around such tragic stories like Drew had to tell, I think you will enjoy the book.

Genre: Contemporary Romance / Suspense /
Warnings: Topic of Rape
Ages: 18+
Series: None
Rating: 3/5

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**Review by Amy, posted by Dany!

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