Monday, September 21, 2015

A Vampire’s Saving Embrace By: Darlene Kuncytes **Review By Amy

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**I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for a fair and honest review** 

Abby is a bartender, barely making it, just trying to get through her shift. She comes face to face with a Demon when Desmond comes to save the day.  He gravitated to her, couldn’t function without thinking about her after his first night seeing her at the bar.  He feels the need to protect her. Finally he realizes why she is so important. She is the daughter of a very, very important member of the Fey and the demons want her. What will Desmond do to protect her? Can Abby handle the emotions she feels when Desmond is around? 
Oh baby, did I enjoy this book! Vampires, Fey, Werewolves, witches, and demons – who could ask for a better story? Oh, let’s add some pretty hot and steamy bedroom scenes too! Darlene really did a great job writing this book. I really enjoyed the Vampire’s in this book. They didn’t sparkle but they weren’t too fearsome, they were a perfect mix between scary creatures but loveable.  The addition to Abby being part Fey was probably the icing on the cake. 
If you like to laugh at the banter between siblings, best friends, and lovers’ then this is just another reason to read this book.  There were several times I found myself laughing out loud at Marcus and Desmond and Desmond and Luke and of course Desmond and Abby. There was some heartbreaking moments and some incredibly tense moments when you weren’t sure what was going to happen, which causes you to sit on the edge of your seat ignoring the world while you grip whatever you are reading on until your knuckles are white. Yep, I thought it was that good.  
 The detail could have probably been a little better or more descriptive but there is enough there to get the picture and close your eyes and immerse yourself into the story. 
Take my advice, go pick up a copy and read it immediately. It’s a great, great story! 


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