Monday, September 21, 2015

Anya and the Shy Guy (Entangled Crush – Backstage Pass) By: Suze Winegardner


Anya is a homeless seventeen year old. She was lucky to get a gig as a reporter following the popular singer Will Fray around for a week.  It gets her off the streets and gets her a job, hopefully. The kicker is no one can know she is 17 and nothing she has described herself to be. She has to get the dirt on the band member to make a good story, but what happens when she falls for the member who isn’t who she thinks he is? 
Will Fray is an addict to pain pills and is currently in rehab. Matt, his twin brother, has taken over his spot in the band without anyone knowing to prevent his family from being in a massive lawsuit with the bands manager. What happens when his secret is exposed? 
I really enjoy these Backstage Pass books! They are what I’d call sweet romance stories where there is romance and love and some kissing but not much more than that. It’s a nice refreshing read that is more focused on the story and the attraction.  I enjoyed that this story was focused around a homeless girl and a boy who really wasn’t the boy everyone thought he was.  It’s a great lesson that sometimes in life we are in a place we don’t want to be whether we chose that place or it was forced upon us, and we just have to trudge through it for the good of someone else. 
These books never disappoint. This book has incredible detail and description making it easy to slip away into the book and follow scene by scene.  These characters are all so well written and flow so well together it helps the story flow.  This was an easy quick read and wasn’t a book that transpired much emotion to say that I left me on the edge of my seat, or left me extremely angry, etc. There were times when I was shocked with the way the band manager was behaving but I don’t think it was enough to say as such. 
I would definitely recommend this book and this series. They are great reads. 

Rating 4/5

Thanks & Happy Reading!

**review by Amy posted by Dany

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