Monday, September 21, 2015

Barriers Series by Sara Shirley **Review By Amy

Frozen Barriers 
By: Sara Shirley 
Rating 5/5 

Emily and Jeremy were sweethearts before they decided to embark on their path in life.  Jeremy got the chance of a lifetime to play for the NHL. Emily is professionally skating when the unspeakable happens.  These actions threaten everything they have between them. Can their love get them through? Is love enough? Who has the ultimate say over their happiness? 
They say if you love someone to let them go and if they are meant to be then they will come back to you. I hate that saying. The waiting SUCKS! That describes this book to a T. No, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I disliked it, because I loved it. I just hated what Emily and Jeremy had to go through to get to their happiness.  This story is incredible and introduces a new author to me that I haven’t had the chance to read yet and boy am I glad I did.  Her writing is fun but serious.  It is not full of happiness and sunshine.  There are plenty of heartbreaking and dark moments that push you to grab for the happiness.  The way that she wrote this story kept you wanting to read and not put it down. It put me on the edge of me seat, maybe rocking back and forth a few times, and finally left me with a smile. I can’t recommend this enough! Go pick up a copy, you will love it! 

Hidden Barriers 
By: Sara Shirley 
Rating 5/5 
Josh and Sam have a chance meeting, at the hospital of all places.  Sam has a black heart and a sordid past she is still trying to move past.  Josh has a broken heart that is still in love with the girl he lost.  Will their chance meeting be enough to stir up some sparks to take a leap of faith? Can Sam open up enough to let Josh in and be the knight in shining armor she deserves? Will love be enough? 
I really enjoyed this story.  Sam is quite the spit fire character!  It’s always fun reading a book that is focused around two main characters, with hints of other characters in the background.  I enjoyed really getting to understand Sam more and understand her personality. The author really did a great job writing her as such a strong female character.  I think her character could definitely help some women who are going through similar situations with domestic violence and abuse. There are definitely not a shortage of emotions going on in this book. There are highs and lows and they keep you reading. The sadness and darkness is what keeps me reading because that happiness always makes it worth it!  

Burning Barriers 
By: Sara Shirley 
Rating: 5/5 
Lucy and Jake have a past together. They have loved and lost. They have tried to move on. When their paths in life cross over one another will they open their hearts to accept love and offer forgiveness? 
I was so excited that this story was about Lucy, Sam’s roommate and roller derby girl! These girls are tight and mean everything to each other. They all intrigued me during book two so I really enjoyed Lucy getting her own book! Naturally, I loved it, just as I loved the first two, and will probably love every single one after this one.  The author does a home run job again and doesn’t disappoint.  I love reading stories about old flames reconnecting and breaking through the barriers they built up over time and over their heartache they experienced.  This story, although shorter than the others, still carries its strong emotions and feel goods.  It keeps you reading, pulling you in, and won’t let you go.  This book, and the others, are a part of one of those series that give you goosebumps as you read them and things start falling into place. 
What are you waiting for? Go one-click your copy today! 

Broken Barriers 
By: Sara Shirley 
Rating 5/5 
Drew and Courtney were hot and heavy until Drew left for the Marine’s. Neither told the other how they really felt and were left questioning their feelings. Courtney moved on, Drew didn’t. Their chance get together sparks hidden feelings and emotions.  Who will win, the heart or mind? Is the broken man enough for the beautiful and talented baker? 
Wow, this book was incredible.  It was slightly a slow start but wasn’t enough to take away on the rating. The author did a phenomenal job writing this book. It’s a mixture of pain, heartbreak, happiness, and an incredible amount of love. Drew is a broken man when this book starts and understandably so.  I loved how this author didn’t make this book all sappy from the start with one “hurdle” for the characters to get over before they get to their happily ever after.  There are demons and darkness throughout this book mixed with happiness. It grabs you and keeps you reading. She did a great job describing everything in the book that makes it so easy to picture the scenes.  The last few chapters of the book were shocking to say the least. I won’t write anything that gives away the ending but what an INCREDIBLE job. I don’t think I can praise the story enough. 
You should just go grab yourself a copy now. It’s amazing! 

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