Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Tangled Up In You (Fleur De Lis Series Book 1): By A.L. Vincent

* ARC Review*

   I have been so lucky to be a part of this book as a Beta reader and now a reviewer. Vincent does an amazing job bringing these great characters to life. I love all of the characters, settings and the plot. The Fleur De Lis series is set on the Gulf of Louisiana and revolves around a group of childhood friends that call themselves The Boonies. The Boonies are now all grown-up, reuniting and dealing with adulthood.
   Tangled Up In You stars Emily and Noah, first loves coming back together after death, war and a disastrous marriage. Vincent handles the issues perfectly, giving us all of the emotions and tension needed to make it feel real and hook you into the story . She also introduces us to the rest of The Boonies and sets us up to learn more about them in their own stories.
  I am excited for the next book in the series to arrive. I cant wait to see how Carly finds her way. I have NO complaints about this book. Five Stars from me.

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GENRES:  romance, NA, YA
AGES: 16+
WARNINGS: Combat related PTSD triggers,  drinking
SERIES:yes Fleur De Lis

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