Monday, May 2, 2016

Fighting Fate (The Fighting Series Book 7): By JB Salsbury

   Wow, this book blew me away. I have read the first book in The Fighting Series last year, and didn't get the chance to read the rest before this one came out. And wow, I was surprised. I had forgotten how deep JB's writing is and this book just ripped me apart.
  Fighting Fate is Killian's story, and I loved it. This book deals with some deep personal issues and emotions. And it gives you a hefty dose a realism, in how bad and dark this world can be. Strong Stuff. Stuff that will make you think twice before sitting your drink down or going on a date with someone new. But, all of this disturbing real-life scary stuff, makes this book even more meaningful to me. And it makes Killian and Axelle's relationship seem so much deeper than half of the romance novels you will pick up these days, not all cupcake sweet and happy.
   This book stands alone just fine, but you will meet other characters in this book that will make you want to go back and read the whole series. (If, you are like me and need alllllll available info on new BBFs.)  My warnings for this novel are graphic sex, naughty language and lots of violence. But it's a MMA romance novels, soooo.........

The Fighting Series
1. Fighting For Flight
2. Fighting to Forgive
3. Fighting to Forget
4. Fighting the Fall
5. A Father's Fight
6. Fighting for Forever
7. Fighting Fate  Goes LIVE 5/3


GENRES Romance, MMA romance, fighting romance, contemporary
WARNINGS: graphic sex, naughty language and lots of violence
AGES: 17+
Yes, The Fighting Series, 7 books.

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