Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Edge of Temptation; A Shadowy Assassins and Titan World Novella; By Gennita Low

Edge of Temptation is a great addition to the Titan World Collection.
   The worlds of Titan and S.A.S.S. collide to create an action packed, hilarious spy thriller novella.
Low gives us some great characters; smart, terrifyingly deadly, funny characters that I loved instantly.    There is something going on in every scene to keep the pages turning. Either those characters have done something else crazy funny, or they are amazing you with their field craft super spy skills.
  Though Edge of Temptation is interconnected with Low's Shadowy Assassins Series and  Cristin Harber's Titan Series, it stands alone just fine. I am not caught up with S.A.S.S and didn't feel lost.
*ARC Review*

 Find All Of Titan World Here:

The Shadowy Assassins Series:
Book 1: Into Danger 
Book 2: Facing Fear
Book 4: Edge of Temptation

GENRES: military romance, action romance, spy thriller
SERIES;  Yes, S.A.S.S. and interconnected with the Titan Series by Cristin Harber
WARNINGS:  explicit language, graphic sex, some violence, and hilarity.
AGES: 18+

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