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Beautiful Disaster (Beautiful Disaster Series) By: Jamie McGuire **Review By Amy

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Abby Abernathy is a sweet, innocent college girl just trying to get through college, or is there more to her than meets the eye?  Travis Maddox is the bad boy at Eastern University and everyone knows it, but is there hope to change his ways and settle down and lose the bad boy title?
Travis Maddox has met his match in Abby in every single way. She doesn’t succumb to his charming personality and flirty ways. She can control herself enough to be in a room with Travis without ripping his clothes off, and she doesn’t hold back her opinion. Travis falls for Abby the night he covers her with his opponent’s blood, but does he really know what that feeling is? Will he accept it and fight or run?
In this book, it features Abby’s point of view of the story.  I adored the feisty relationship between Abby and Travis and very much enjoyed the way in which Jamie wrote these characters. Their friendship was not boring; it had spunk, adoration, protectiveness, and love. Travis’ sexual encounters with so many of the women on the campus were unbelievable in my naïve eyes, but incredibly believable in the real word.  Abby wasn’t afraid to let Travis hear what she thought of his encounters either – but did her opinion matter enough to him to stop?
Travis relied on his incredible fighting skills to pay his way through college including his apartment, food, books, etc. He had the skills to make it a career if he really wanted to. These fights were incredibly realistic, the description of the hits and the damage and the blood flying made you feel like you were in the basement watching.

The more I read this book, the harder it was to put down. The last portion of the book had my stomach in knots and had me near tears not knowing exactly what was going to happen. I had to keep reading, staying up way too late, to learn the end of their story. I certainly wasn’t disappointed in the detail of this book and the emotion described. I felt, at times, that I was Abby and was having to make the hard decisions she was forced to make. Jamie could have ended the book with an incredible cliff hanger but I am SO glad she continued to write their story. Once I finished the book I was able to take a sigh of relief and put the book down!
I would recommend this book to those that like the action and suspense written in a romance story. The book is not boring in any way and kept me grasping at the pages. I don’t think you’d feel let down by reading this story about Abby and Travis.

Genres: New Adult, Women’s Fiction
Warnings: Contains Sexually Explicit Content
Ages: 18+
Series: Beautiful Disaster Series
Rating: 5/5

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**Review by Amy, Posted by Dany!

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