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Elwyndyn (Realm Jumper Series) By: Raven Williams **Review By Amy

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I received this book from the author in return for a fair and honest review.

Elwyndyn is a He-Elf of the Moon Clan, one of six different Elf Clans. He is a realm jumper and second in command to his Clan. He and his brother Elwyndon, Clan Leader, are in charge of keeping their Elf Clan productive and successful. Elwyndyn, as a realm jumper, must scout other realms to keep a watch as others’ actions could have an effect on their life, positively or negatively.  However, more pressing matters emerge that take Elwyndyn on a path to Earth, and straight to charge Ayana. Will Elyndyn be able to complete his mission successfully while keeping away the Dark Elves?
Ayana, Elwyndyn, and Elwyndon all three have an important grasp on me from this book. They all play very important roles in this story, but also have a lovely chemistry with one another, for different reasons.  As Ayana being a human, I can gravitate more towards her.
After trying to overcome much hardship in her life, Ayana starts having very vivid dreams. Do these dreams mean something more than just being a dream? Are these leading her on a path she should follow? Does her life and future hold more meaning than she can fully grasp? Are there really such things as Elve’s? Ayana’s life holds much more importance than she realizes and even more personal importance to Lord Elwyndon but can she really understand this enormity?

Learning and reading about the Elf Clan history, as well as other creatures, and their specific language was very interesting.  This book grabbed my attention starting after the preface and kept my attention, wanting to keep reading to find out what happened next! This author does a great job keeping the action going and adding a suspenseful scene here and there to keep you guessing.  I found this book fun but had an undertone of seriousness throughout.
I very much look forward to reading the Author’s next book in the series, Elf-Witch, coming 2016. This book will hopefully answer more questions that I have after finishing Elwyndyn.
I would suggest this book if you are looking for a read about an incredibly interesting world involving the many types of Elf-Clans and the numerous other creatures.  It’s an informative and fun read and draws you into their world while entwining the human world. It also leaves you second guessing whether there really are more worlds out there where other creatures live.

Genres: Fantasy / Young Adult
Warnings: None
Ages: Young Adult
Series: Realm Jumpers Series
Rating: 4/5

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** Review by Amy, posted by Dany

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