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Fathers House By: C. Edward Baldwin **Review By Amy

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Ben Lovison is at the peak of his life. He has a beautiful wife, is a well known and respected Assistant District Attorney, and has two twins on the way. Things are going great, until he reviews his most recent case and realizes he has something in common with the defendant, Fathers House. He doesn’t like to be connected to the defendants in anyway, in case someone tries to say he was giving away sweetheart deals because they had a connection. The twins were ready to make their grand entrance, 10 weeks early, all the while activity at Fathers House was about to be at an all time high.
Mayo Fathers is in charge of Fathers House, a place that accepts and helps adolescent boys in need of help, a new home, or a place to stay while their parents get their act together. He is also the owner of a very successful funeral home that services the city. Some of the boys also knew Mayo Fathers as Fathers Disciples, as well. 
How does a city go from almost an all time high of criminal activity to an almost all time low, in just a few short years? A group of powerful criminals get the cops, city officials, judges, and District Attorneys in their back pocket.  This is easily done under the cover of a well known, and respected, business and individual, Mayo Fathers. He has opened up his home to take care of boys that have no place else to go. He teaches them and encourages them to become something better. What happens to those boys that just can’t conform to behaving and show signs of a current criminal lifestyle?

I enjoyed reading this book. The suspense written into the story had me on edge several times waiting to see what was up next for Ben Lovison or for Fathers House. I had a few theories throughout the story and at times it seemed as my theories were on track and other times I was left confused and frustrated.  As I kept reading more and more of the story unraveled.  This is a story you want to believe will never happen in your life or in someone else’s life. Parts of this story happen every day though, government officials being bribed. Some cops, judges, and district attorneys all accept bribes and closing a blind eye to the criminal action for their own gain.  The author does a great job adding a deep dark twist to the everyday story of corruption.  The end had me incredibly surprised. It wasn’t a theory or idea I had even thought of.
This story was intriguing and well written. It was dark, suspenseful, and full of action. If these are the types of things you like out of books, you will definitely enjoy the book!

Genres: Thriller, Suspense
Warnings: Graphic, Violent Content
Ages: 18+
Series: None
Rating: 4/5

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**Review by Amy, posted by Dany

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