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The Nines (Book 1) By: Dakota Madison & Sierra Avalon **Review By Amy

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Roxie has a dark secret that she carries with her every day since she left Massachusetts. Her High School was bombed on the first day of school by the “Back to School Bomber” where many were killed and even more were hurt. That bomber was her brother. Since that very day, her life changed and people treated her like she was a criminal too. She left town and changed her name to start her life over but gave up the life of having boyfriends or good friends she could ever trust the secret with. Is there possibly one person that is connected with her past that can look past all the ugly and see the beautiful in her?
Alexander had it all, the looks, the girlfriend, high school quarterback, and the popularity. That all changed on the first day of school as his entire left side of his body was burned so badly that every single person in his life looked at him with horror. He was angry and wanted revenge, understandably so. Little did he know that his revenge would not be served on the bomber that did that to his life but on countless others committing criminal acts. He would get his revenge and vengeance would be served under “The Nines.”
 I was reserved about reading this book after the first couple of chapters. The story really tore at my heart strings and brought waves of different emotions. It brought up memories of the countless horrible acts that have been committed against innocent people and have taken way too many innocent lives. To name a few of those acts; Columbine, The Boston Marathon Bombing, Sandy Hook, plus many, many more acts of incredible violence. This story touched me in more ways that I really ever expected it to and I almost stopped reading. I’m so glad that I didn’t stop even though it brought to my attention another bout of horrible crimes committed on college campuses every year; the secret fraternities that have rape rooms where horrible, horrible actions are committed against innocent victims.
While this book is a work of fiction, it was refreshing to think of a group such as “The nines” taking justice into their own hands when law enforcement has a cloud over their eyes. I was impressed by the way in which it was written. It was also very nice to read happiness and love to the story between Roxie and Alexander.  It has a way to leave you with hope to know that the world is not completely an ugly place; you just have to look for the silver lining. I was able to finish this book with a smile on my face and a feeling of happiness and a bit of peace for the characters. As this story is part of a series, I look forward to reading the others. These authors are incredible writers and write on such a touchy topic so beautifully. I would recommend reading this book, even though it touches on such sensitive subjects.

Genre: Romantic Suspense, Thriller
Warnings: This book contains sensitive topics such as rape and school bombings.
Ages: 18+
Series: The Nines Romantic Suspense Series
Rating: 5/5

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**Review By Amy

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