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Walking Disaster (Beautiful Disaster Series Book 2) By: Jamie McGuire **Review By Amy

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Walking Disaster tells you the same story you read in Beautiful Disaster, but in Travis’ POV.  Travis is more than the fighter and “big man on campus”. His mom taught him to love and fight for what he believes in. Does he use this advice when it comes to Abby?
Travis has it all on the outside, the gorgeous body, the sweet talking personality, muscles, and stamina. Does Travis really want to let anyone in his heart and mind to learn about the real Travis Maddox?  Abby sure is finding herself chiseling a hole in the wall that is erected around Travis Maddox’s heart.
The further I was into reading this book, learning of the things that Travis would share with Shepley and America, really had my heart warming for Travis and rooting for him every step of the way, even though I already knew the outcome. Travis wasn’t quite the hardened fighter boy that many believe he was, if you took the time to get to know him. He was incredibly protective over those he cared about and wouldn’t let anyone attack those people, physically, emotionally, or mentally. I loved that about Travis and loved his desire to fight for what he wanted.  Travis’ side of the story had me laughing out loud a little more in certain spots and had my heart aching a little more in others.

The emotional struggle was still felt in this book, and had me turning the pages just as rapidly as in the first book. I knew the outcome, but you learned new details and those details led you to want to keep reading, to know why. My heart still broke and brought tears to my eyes to read the emotional turmoil that Travis was going through, from the start to the finish. The suspense was just as real for me as in the first.
I wish that there could have been more of a difference between the first book to the second without losing the main details. It did get a bit repetitive from the first book and there were parts I could skip over as I had already read them. I did choose to read all these books together, back to back, so had I read them with other books between them, those details that were very familiar to me, would have been helpful!
I would definitely recommend this book to others. You will enjoy placing yourself into Travis’ head and understanding him a little more than you did in the first book.

Beautiful Series:
Book 1: Beautiful Disaster
Book 2: Walking Disaster

Genres: New Adult, Women’s Fiction
Warnings: Contains Sexually Explicit Content
Ages: 18+
Series: Beautiful Disaster Series
Rating :4/5

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